Recordings, interviews, and other films

As the pandemic continues to make our lives an unending Stephen King novel, one silver lining was the rise of our global connectivity with the online tools. Despite the fatigue, I think this provided a good rationale for me to compile the videos, interviews, talks, etc. that talk about our work and are publicly available in a coherent whole. Here is what we have so far:

My talk at University of Laval – January 2022
BBC Reel: What this humanity’s biggest mistake – Interviews with Omer
Really nice summary by Newsy on our work on salivary evolution
An hour long discussion on “Becoming Human” (Turkish)
A pretty long conversation on evolution and anthropological genetics (In Turkish)
My talk on ancient deletions in the human lineage @SEMPH
A nice summary of our work on Neanderthal introgression (in Turkish)

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