Here, you will find information about joining the laboratory. Please contact Omer for any inquiries.

  • We work very hard and what we do can be pretty difficult at times. However, know that I am fully committed to you and I will do everything in my power as a mentor for you to succeed.
  • Diversity in all forms is always welcome.
  • Once you get into the groove, it is a lot of fun (I hope).

Buffalo is snowy – but it can be very fun. Check out this nice review from NYT

Check out this video for a brief intro to the laboratory:

PhD Students: Ph.D. students are the heart and soul of our laboratory and we are always interested in potential Ph.D. students. You can join the lab primarily through the Ph.D. program in Department of Biological Sciences also see our nice flier. It is also possible to join the lab or at least conduct a portion of the thesis research in our lab even if you are enrolled in other departments (including anthropology, medical school, computer science, engineering departments, etc.) or universities. If you are accepted to our program, you are covered (tuition + spidend) for the duration of your studies either through Research or Teaching Assistantships. External graduate fellowships are extremely prestigious and will let you have more free time to focus on research. If you are interested in joining  the lab, please contact Omer.

Postdoctoral Fellows: The postdoctoral fellows are expected to run independent projects in the lab with close collaboration with the PI. To prepare for an independent career, it is important that postdoctoral fellows are trained in mentoring students, writing grants, giving talks, managing collaborations, etc, again under the general supervision of the PI. We are always looking for interested postdoctoral fellows depending on the funds available at the time of application. Please contact Omer,  if you are interested in joining the lab.

Master of Science Students: M.S. students have to go through the University of Buffalo Department of Biological Sciences admissions. Details research track M.S. program can be found here. If you need more information or if you are already a Master student at the department and want to join the lab, feel free to contact Omer.

Long-term Undergraduate Volunteers: Self-motivation and enthusiasm about research are the most important qualities we are looking for, it would be preferable if you have some basic knowledge about evolutionary and/or anthropological genetics.  We recommend that you should commit at least two semesters, preferably including 1-2 summer months. Also, keep in mind that the goal of your time in the lab should be learning the topics and techniques, understand the general functioning of a molecular genetics laboratory and produce publishable results. This will be an invaluable experience that will help you significantly in your career.

Undergraduate Summer Internships: We welcome applications for summer internships from both international and national students. The major issue with these events is financial as the sources of funding for such visits are limited. Currently, we are in the process of securing sustainable funding for maintaining 1 or 2 undergraduate interns every summer. Meanwhile, each application will be regarded as a case by case basis and availability of outside funding would greatly increase our ability to host the visiting students.

Visiting Scientists: Senior scientists who want to collaborate or train in our laboratory, please contact Omer.

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