Bio 450/550 Human Evolutionary Genomics

This course conveys genomics approaches to tackle the questions: “What makes us human?” and “Why are we different from each other.” Specifically, this course will introduce the state-of-the-art concepts and methodologies in human evolutionary genomics, exploring topics such as ‘human genomic variation’, ‘ancient admixture’, ‘gene-phenotype-environment’ interactions’, ‘adaptive developmental evolution’, ‘nature vs. nurture’, ‘genetic bases of disease’, and ‘experimental and statistical approaches to associate genotype to phenotype’.  The course is aimed at students in biology, biomedical sciences, and anthropology. After taking this course, each student will learn the contemporary theoretical and methodological state of human evolutionary genomics.

Tips on scientific presentations
Paabo on neanderthal genomes
Anne Stone on Anthropological genetics
Ancient genomes
Genome structural variation
African genomes
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