This is a list of selected recent publications – for a more comprehensive list of publications, please see Google Scholar Page or the Publications Tag.


Saitou et al. (2020). Functional Specialization of Human Salivary Glands and Origins of Proteins Intrinsic to Human Saliva. Cell Reports. 33: 108402. Press Release.

Taskent et al. (2020). Analysis of haplotypic variation and deletion polymorphisms point to multiple archaic introgression events, including from Altai Neanderthal lineage. Genetics. 215: 497-509. Press Release.

Gokcumen, O. (2020). The Impact of Ancient Genome Studies in Archaeology. Annual Review of Anthropology. 49:277.

Gokcumen, O. (2020) Archaic hominin introgression into modern human genomes. Yearbook of Physical Anthropology. 171: 60.

Saitou, M.* & Gokcumen, O. (2019). An Evolutionary Perspective on the Impact of Genomic Copy Number Variation on Human Health. Journal of Molecular Evolution. 88: 104.

Saito and Gokcumen (2019). Resolving the insertion sites of polymorphic duplications reveals a HERC2 haplotype under selection. Genome Biology and Evolution. evz107.

Pajic et al. (2019). Independent amylase gene copy number bursts correlate with dietary preferences in mammals. eLife. 8:e44628. Press Release.

Lin and Gokcumen (2019). Fine-Scale Characterization of Genomic Structural Variation in the Human Genome Reveals Adaptive and Biomedically Relevant Hotspots. Genome Biology and Evolution. 11(4), 1136–1151. Press Release.

Saitou et al. (2018). Complex Haplotypes of GSTM1 Gene Deletions Harbor Signatures of a Selective Sweep in East Asian Populations. G3. 9: 2953

Saitou et al. (2018). An evolutionary transcriptomics approach links CD36 to membrane remodeling in replicative senescence. Molecular Omics. 14: 237 [Cover]. Press Release.

Saitou et al. (2018). Complex evolution of the GSTM gene family involves sharing of GSTM1 deletion polymorphism in humans and chimpanzees BMC Genomics. 19:293

Taskent et al. (2017). Variation and functional impact of Neanderthal ancestry in Western Asia.  Genome Biology and Evolution.  evx216. Press release.

Xu et al. (2017). Archaic hominin introgression in Africa contributes to functional salivary MUC7 genetic variation. Mol Biol EvolPress release. 

Lizardo et al. (2017). Regulation of lipids is central to replicative senescence.  Molecular BioSystems. 13, 498-509 – This study was also recognized by the Royal Society of Chemistry as an article of particular interest. See more here.

Pajic et al. (2016). The psoriasis-associated deletion of late cornified envelope genes LCE3B and LCE3C has been maintained under balancing selection since Human Denisovan divergence. BMC Evolutionary Biology. 16,265.

Muthukrishnan et al. (2016). Atopic Dermatitis Susceptibility Variants In Filaggrin Hitchhike Hornerin Selective Sweep. Genome Biology and Evolution. 8, 3240

Xu et al. Recent Evolution of the salivary mucin MUC7. (2016). Scientific Reports. 6, 31791. Press release.

Lin et al. (2015). The evolution and functional impact of human deletion variants shared with archaic hominin genomes. Mol Biol Evol. Early Access. [Corresponding Author]. – Press release.

Muthukrishan et al. (2014). Geographic Distribution And Adaptive Significance Of Genomic Structural Variants: An Anthropological Genetics Perspective. Hum Bio. 86(4):260-275. 2014. [Cover Article].

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