The inaugural Great Lakes Evolutionary Genomics Symposium will be held on May 31, 2019, at the Center for the Arts located in the University at Buffalo. We aim to bring together faculty and trainees from a range of backgrounds with a particular focus on work at the interface between genomics and evolutionary biology. We strongly encourage faculty to encourage their trainees to attend and present.
There will be no fee for participation.

Venue: Center for the Arts – University at Buffalo North Campus – Directions can be found here.  The designated parking space will be announced soon.
Accommodations: In case you want to stay overnight, Double Tree Hilton near campus is a good choice.
Lunch: We will order pizza for lunch – cheese, veggie, and pepperoni. If you have other preferences or limitations, please let Omer know.
Posters: We have poster boards that are 48” wide and 37” high (but we can always rotate them if you have a vertical poster)


9am – 9.30am  Registration

9.30am – 11am   Poster Session 1

11am – 12.20pm Talk Session 1

  • 11am Marcus Dillon The Effector-Triggered Immunity Landscape Limits the Host Range of a Major Agricultural Pathogen
  • 11.20 Nathan Oakes Modeling the potential of CRISPR gene drives for rodent management
  • 11.40am Beatriz Navarro Dominguez Population genomics of the selfish Segregation Distorter gene complex reveals the interaction of drive, recombination, and genetic load
  • 12.00pm Lucas Hemmer The meiotic recombination landscape of Drosophila virilis is robust to mitotic damage in hybrid dysgenesis

12.20pm – 01:30pm Lunch (Pizza in the house)

1.30pm – 2.50pm Talk Session 2

  • 1.30pm Rachel Cosby KRAB-transposase fusions as a source of novel regulatory proteins in evolution
  • 1.50pm Logan W. Cole The radical structural evolution of genomes in flowering plant mitochondria
  • 2.10pm Andrea Hodgins-Davis Environment-specific effects of new mutations on gene expression
  • 2.30pm Katie Pelletier Can we recapitulate SNP effects in different contexts?  Testing the effect of previously identified polymorphisms on wing shape in wild-caught and artificially-selected populations

2.50pm – 4.30pm Poster Session 2

4.30pm – 5.30pm Talk Session 3

  • 4.30pm Skyler Resendez A new mouse model predicts the evolutionary effects of an ancient deletion polymorphism in the human growth hormone receptor gene
  • 4.50pm Julia Kreiner Multiple modes of convergent adaptation in the spread of glyphosate resistance in Amaranthus tuberculatus.
  • 5.10pm Concluding remarks and some discussion about the next event (similar to Gordon conference)

5.30 – 5.40pm Trainee Awards

5.40 – 6.20 pm – Keynote: Nancy Chen: Allele frequency dynamics in a pedigreed natural population

After – Wings (and beer!) at Anchor bar (subject to change based on feedback)