Special Issue: A new generation of anthropological genetics

I am pleased to announce that the online version of the Special Issue in Human Biology which I edited has now come out. It represents, in my opinion, the best examples of the new and exciting work in our field, anthropological genetics. The articles explore an ocean of exciting new questions about human uniqueness and diversity, integrating an amazing array of powerful -omics tools, but anchored by powerful connections to evolutionary and anthropological theory.  This special issue stemmed from a symposium that I organized with Aaron Sams under the American Association of Anthropological Genetics, and as such, it provides a glimpse into the current scholarly discussions in our community. The articles include:

The Genomic Health of Ancient Hominins Ali J. Berens, Taylor L. Cooper, Joseph Lachance

Admixture and Ancestry Inference from Ancient and Modern Samples through Measures of Population Genetic Drift  Alexandre M. Harris, Michael DeGiorgio

Infectious Disease and the Diversification of the Human Genome  Jessica F. Brinkworth

Introgression Makes Waves in Inferred Histories of Effective Population Size  John Hawks 

Leveraging Multiple Populations across Time Helps Define Accurate Models of Human Evolution: A Reanalysis of the Lactase Persistence Adaptation  Chenling Xu Antelope, Davide Marnetto, Fergal Casey, Emilia Huerta-Sanchez

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